Feature Tour

Address Book

- Import your files (csv-files or single addresses)
- Create different groups (e.g. DJs, Labels, A&R, clients etc.)
- Add notes to your contacts and add them to your groups
- See all groups listed and the number of user
- Export all your groups


- Create very quickly a new playlist – our tool is very easy to understand
- Fill in all informations which will appear in the email of your clients
- Add an individual cover of the release
- Upload your tracks (mp3s) - all tracks will be uploaded to our server
- Your tracks will appear in a fully editable tracklist
- Save playlist for further send-outs
- Add as many tracks you want in one promo
- Create a zip-file to pack all tracks in one folder


- Get feedbacks from artists in real-time
- See an overview of the rating, a graphic of the best mix, a feedback if they charted the release and the actual feedback of the artists with the comments they‘ve left
- Feedback of each promo is downloadable as a pdf-file
- Very useful to see the success of your release


- Create a unique look for your newsletter in few minutes
- Use the tool box to design your newsletter
- Add your text, upload pictures, logos, links etc.
- Your newsletter can be saved and easily changed for the next newsletter
- Different templates can saved for different mail-outs
- Html code can be also used for designing you newsletter

Send Newsletter

- Send your promo or newsletter directly to your customers
- Type in sender name (e.g. Company Name)
- Also type in your sender email address (e.g. promo@music-delivery.de)
- Choose your prepared playlist OR newsletter
- Select address groups (optional: send it to one receiver)
- Newsletter will be send out immediately, even if you have a large number of recipients

User Accounts

- Change your contact information
- Create more user from your company who can also login into the tool
- Define rights which each user has


- Create your own template with your logo, background, colours and headline
- Save different templates for all your send outs
- Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) codes are also possible to create your unique design
- The preview will show you the look of your template
- The templates work with all email clients and web browsers
- Save as many templates as you wish


- Clients will receive your mailing within minutes after you have sent it
- Compatible for all email-clients and web browsers
- Mailing includes description and cover of the release as well as a player with all tracks
- Download of tracks possible in high quality after they have left their feedback