Looking for a good promotion-tool
to promote your tracks?

MDP offers a selection of services for record labels and djs.

Our tool works very simple:
- Manage your own promo pool
- Customize your own template
- Import your contacts, CSV-import is also possible
- Create your individual promo mail-out in a few minutes for your customers
- Send promo to all your contacts
- Get feedback reports in real-time
- See an overview of the feedbacks from each artists and download it as a pdf
- Usable for other mass mails as well

Demo Newsletter I'm interested

Promos - Create and send your promo to all your contacts
- Get feedback reports form artists in real-time
- See an overview of the rating with the comments they’ve left
- Download feedbacks as a pdf-file

Newsletter - Create a unique look for your newsletter in a few minutes
- Use a toolbox to design the newsletter as you want it
- Different templates can saved for different mail-outs
- Html code can be also used for designing you newsletter

Address Book - Manage your own address book
- Create different groups (e.g. DJs, Labels, A&R, clients etc.)
- CSV-Import is now also possible
- Add notes to your contacts add them to your groups

Templates - Create your own template
- Save different templates for all your mail-outs
- CSS codes are also possible
- Templates work with all email clients and web browsers